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National Laws and Strategy.
1. Motor Vehicles and Transport Management Act, 2049 (1993)/सवारी तथा यातायात व्यवस्था ऐन

2.Motor vehicle and transport management regulations 2011/सवारी तथा यातायात व्यवस्था
नियमावली २०७३
3.Nepal Road Safety Action Plan (2011-2020)

4. Vehicle insurance Policy

5. Vehicles Registration Plates of Nepal,2017

6. Transport Management Directives 2060

7. Road Safety and Transport Bill, 2014


                                                Institutional Framework of Nepal

It has some working functioning body to regulate and guide the road safety and accident reduction bodies working with Road Safety, Hence, there are Institutional mechanism body working on it. Ministry of Labor and Transport Management (MOLTM) is the apex government body to formulate transportation policy and programs in the country. Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology (MOEST) is the apex body to formulate policies related to environment and to provide guidelines and set standards for pollution control including emissions from vehicles. The Department of Transport Management and Transport Management Offices are working under MOLTM in different parts of country for implementing transportation policies, programs and projects. In recent times different Ngo’s, INGo’s are also playing the major Institutional role for various Road Safety activities development overall the world.

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