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  • We are Non-Profit ,social legal registered organisation.

  • It is established in  Late memory of Mr. Radium Lamichhane who lost his life at Road Traffic Accident. 

  • We support to road accident victim families and develop strategies for World Zero free Road Accident and Safe Road Users. 

  • We are affiliated and collaborated with various National and International Organisations.

  • We work to generate peace and save humanity around the world.


  • We provide immediate relief and rescue training to the Youths.

  • We provide Peace- yoga and meditation packages to RTA's victims families.

  • We provide Free legal aid, Medical support and needed guidance to victims as per the conditions .

  • We organise various kinds of program as per the requirement of Society i.e Research, Discussions, conference, seminars e.t.c .

  • We make assistance to every pledge common issues and try to help achieve SDG's Goals.

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